29 February 2012

One foot, in front of the other one.

Happy Leap Day, ya'll.

Maroon pants: Rue 21 on clearance
Brown boots: Target
Sweater: featured before, Old Navy
Heart undershirt: Old Navy on clearance
Watch: my newest obsession from Urban Outfitters
Necklace: old... Claire's maybe?
Shades: probably Target

27 February 2012


"Should've done something but I've done it enough,
 by the way your hands were shaking - rather waste some time with you.

Should've said something but I've said it enough,
by the way my words were faded - rather waste some time with you."
- Blue and Yellow by The Used

Dress: Target
Sweater: a really old, "acquired" staple from St. John's Bay
Boots: Target, on clearance!
Thigh-highs: Hot Topic - These had a red bow on them I had to cut off.
Scarf: actually a tube skirt from H&M
Hat: probably from a dollar store...

14 February 2012

Let's Pretend

Olive jacket: Wet Seal
White shirt: Borrowed...a.k.a. stolen... from a friend. Originally from Express.
Orange pants: TJ Maxx
Hiking heels: Charlotte Russe
Quartz necklace with gold chain: Charlotte Russe
Feather necklace with gold chain: Forever 21

09 February 2012

Off to the Races

Lately I've been really into the artistic direction side of shooting fashion. I'm always thinking about creative outfits, backdrops and angles. I guess all the design stuff Angie is always babbling about is finally rubbing off on me.

I edited all of these myself with Windows Live Photo Gallery. It's nothing fancy but I love playing with the color, exposure and lighting to bend the reality of the photo. The last few remind me of something Andy Warhol would do.

Since we're talking about the creative processes of the fashion world, here are some fashion books to check out:
The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
Who What Wear by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power
Nylon Street View edited by Marvin Scott Jarrett

floppy hat: Cracker Barrel, seriously!
black blazer: Charlotte Russe
black tank top: Hot Topic
leopard pants: Target
black wedges: Target
brown belt: Goodwill
studded bracelets: Charlotte Russe