21 October 2012


I'm so happy that leather can be casual now.
I bought into the wine trend this fall as well as indulged my leather obsession with this faux pair from H&M. I then stared at them for a few months trying to figure out where the hell I was going to wear them. After Googling "how to wear leather pants" about 40 times, it dawned on me that they can be dressed down for an every-day look. I also realized that you can never wear too much leather - as long as you switch up the colors. Here I stayed in a neutral, earthy color family. My cream sweater is of the "high-low" style, or, in more eloquent terms, a "mullet sweater." I like the cut with higher waisted pants because it doesn't poof over my pants and give me a cute lumpy midsection.

wine pants: H&M
cream sweater: Old Navy
tan leather jacket: Love Culture
brown boots: Target a few seasons ago
scarf: Burberry.   ....or Target.
The "mullet" trend summed up in one image...
Thank you, San Diego Songbird.


I'm taking a note from the leaves and playing around with more color for this look.
I absolutely love this mint sweater. One of the many found during a day at the thrift store earlier in the month. It's just big enough to layer under and the pattern is cutesy with being too grandmothery. Usually I'd wear a top like this with dark jeans, but I figured why not pair up some pastels? I've had these pink jeans for months and never worn them. I'm glad I got them out to experiment with adding pops of bright color even in the cold months.

mint sweater: thrift
pink jeans: Wet Seal
suede fringe boots: Charlotte Russe for $5. Seriously!
scarf: thrift

20 October 2012

A River Runs Through It

I take it back, I guess I don't hate fall. Trees explode with color, it's finally comfortable to sit in directly sunlight and not get scorched and most importantly - I get to layer on more clothes.
This outfit is pretty typical to my style, a little bit trendy with the oversized scarf and a little bit of my mom with the corduroy button down.  I got both items during a recent trip to a huge thrift store. After about 3 hours of searching through crowded racks trying on clothes in the lean-to dressing room I picked out 6 sweaters, a cardigan, this scarf and shirt and a corduroy flatbill.
Because, you can't pass up a corduroy flatbill.
I wore this earlier this week when my family and I took a little tour of the farmland in nearby Illinois, crossed the river on a ferry and stopped to check out the scenery and produce stands along the way. This look is casual but still thoughtful and great for a fall weekend. The deep forest green, blue and leather brown are also perfect fall tones.

Forest green corduroy: thrift
Cream crochet carf: thrift
Grey Obey tank top: shop called Yellow Rat Bastard in SoHo in New York
Levi's: discount store, likely TJ Maxx or Marshalls
Boots: Not real suede, actually fabric with rubber soles from the little girl's section at Kohl's
Road Trippin'


05 October 2012



It can be quite a controversial material. In terms of fashion, the word “leather” conjures up images of tight black pants and chains, a la Rihanna. However, it is really quite a versatile skin. Over the past year I’ve seen it work its way into mainstream fashion. Now there’s leather for every season and occasion – shorts, pants, pencil skirts, jackets and in panels on nearly every item you can imagine. I myself own a few “leather” (as in, not real animal leather) items. As trends have become more eclectic and personalized I’ve felt freer to mix leather pieces into everyday outfits. Here’s what I wore out to lunch with my parents for my mom’s birthday in late September.

Jacket: reallyyyy old Wet Seal military-inspired jacket
Shorts: Lauren Conrad, on sale. Duh. 
Infinity scarf (also a big trend): Charlotte Russe

 Purse: I honestly can't remember where I got this, but I'm sure it was somewhere affordable. Think Kmart or Forever 21.

 Boots: I'm loving booties this fall. They're casual enough for jeans and have enough heel to wear to work. I've got these in brown and black. The brand is Jeffrey Tyler and I got both pairs for just under $40 at Off Broadway Shoes.
And, how AWESOME is St. Louis?!
 Food trucks. Delish.

The fabulous Fox Theater.
These ladies know how to rock leather shorts (and a skirt):
It's like leather on leather on leather... on leather. Very bold. Love it.

 from: halliedaily.com

This LA blogger calls this "summer leather."

from: nanastars.blogspot.com

Well, I officially need a new leather article of clothing - this skirt.

01 October 2012

I'm blue.

Fall trend: denim on denim

It can go horribly wrong or look amazingly right - it's all in how you wear it. Double denim has been a hit for a few seasons and the most important thing to remember to pull it off is to mix up the shades. Never, ever go monochromatic with denim. Patterned and colored denim were also pretty popular this spring and summer and I love this star patterned pair from Hot Topic. A good denim shirt, like mine from American Eagle, is a staple. You can wear one over tank tops or tucked into a skirt with tights and boots for fall. A vintage tee goes great with a denim jacket or overshirt and booties pull the outfit together with a girly-but-tough touch.

More double denim inspiration...

This brainy blogger has the same idea as me with dark jeans and an open denim top with a graphic shirt underneath. A casual and trendy look for school or shopping.

Here's a sexy summer take on double denim from a Chicago blogger that I follow.

This Dutch blogger makes denim classy with a wide-leg pant and polished details.


I'm really enjoying the 70s vibe that's making a comeback this fall. It's a perfect opportunity to wear some of my favorite heels - these exaggerated clogs with a fake wood heel and suede top - and this pair of Lucky Brand jeans I got for under $10 at a resale shop. Topping a classic band tee with a long duster is casual and on trend as well as warm in the crisp October air.

Floppy hat: Cracker Barrel
Duster: mom's closet
Clogs: Forever 21
Sublime t-shirt: Hot Topic tee that I cut up when I saw Sublime last summer. Great show :)
Shades: I found these aviators with a gold frame and purple glass at a yard sale years ago. They're ridiculous and perfect for the 70s trend.