26 November 2011

Hell on Heels

"I'm hell on heels,
Say what you will.
I done made the devil a deal.
He made me pretty, he made me smart,
and I'm gonna break me a million hearts.
I'm hell on heels.
Baby I'm coming for you."
- Hell on Hells, Pistol Annies

The BEST nude shoes I have ever owned.
Wild Pair, $50 on sale

Buying into the chunky heel trend...
 Candie's, $20 on sale
I was immediately drawn to the mixture of texture and pattern... and the price. Thanks to these, I now require a pair of high waisted flairs and an Orange Crush T-shirt `a la Jackie from That 70's Show.
 Charlotte Russe, $7 on clearance
I love how this pair borrows elements from a traditional men's shoe and turn it into something sexy and tough. I feel like a secretly sexy librarian would wear these hidden beneath long pants.
 Charlotte Russe, $5 test pair
This is just a fraction of my heels. But looking at this collection I'm noticing that I lean toward neutral tones, gentle, clean lines and styles popularized in the 60s and 70s.

21 November 2011

Vintage Now Fashion Show

Back in October, I had the chance to participate in what turned out to be a great fashion show. Vintage Now II, sponsored by Pastimes Antiques in Cape Girardeau, raised over $30,000 for the Safe House for Women, also in Cape Girardeau. The theme of the show was incorporating modern pieces with classic vintage wear. There were two segments, the first was "Just for Fun" where the models picked their own outfits and the second was "Hollywood Now," the outfits for which Deb Maevers, owner of Pastimes Antiques, picked out. Me and about six other girls from my fashion merchandising classes were "dressers" for the event. We ran around doing whatever was needed, from double-sided sticking shoes to the models' feet to rolling racks of clothing around behind the stage to operating the curtains that the models had to walk through. Here are some pictures from the show! 

Me and Stefanie, a fellow fashion merchandising student.

 College students modeled in the show.

Prominent members of the community also modeled.


Photos by Angie Hayden.

11 November 2011

Drugstore Cowgirl

"I know a drugstore cowgirl, so afraid of getting bored.
She's always running from something, so many things ignored."
- 311, Beautiful Disaster

Just as Ralph Lauren and American Eagle before me, I have this strange obsession with denim. I'm amazed by the versatility. Lately, I am  particularly drawn to mixing denims of different colors and styles. The look I have on here is reminiscent of a cowboy, but I added some modern and "urban" touches to keep it out of the Wild West.

These are from Charlotte Russe, and I LOVE them! They add a tiny bit of height to my 5'4" self and really help slenderize the line of the leg. The heel keeps them from looking too much like cowboy boots.

This bag is from the Converse One Star line at Target. I actually use it as my school bag. It helps add a little sophistication and personal style to every outfit. The dark camel fabric is faux suede and features gold hardwear.
Who doesn't love a friendship bracelet?! Lately these staples from my childhood have caught on and become trendy again. I paired a few that I made with some copper baubles, hair ties and rubber bands to create a messy, colorful and completely personalized look.

All photos by Angie Hayden.