11 November 2011

Drugstore Cowgirl

"I know a drugstore cowgirl, so afraid of getting bored.
She's always running from something, so many things ignored."
- 311, Beautiful Disaster

Just as Ralph Lauren and American Eagle before me, I have this strange obsession with denim. I'm amazed by the versatility. Lately, I am  particularly drawn to mixing denims of different colors and styles. The look I have on here is reminiscent of a cowboy, but I added some modern and "urban" touches to keep it out of the Wild West.

These are from Charlotte Russe, and I LOVE them! They add a tiny bit of height to my 5'4" self and really help slenderize the line of the leg. The heel keeps them from looking too much like cowboy boots.

This bag is from the Converse One Star line at Target. I actually use it as my school bag. It helps add a little sophistication and personal style to every outfit. The dark camel fabric is faux suede and features gold hardwear.
Who doesn't love a friendship bracelet?! Lately these staples from my childhood have caught on and become trendy again. I paired a few that I made with some copper baubles, hair ties and rubber bands to create a messy, colorful and completely personalized look.

All photos by Angie Hayden.

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