26 November 2011

Hell on Heels

"I'm hell on heels,
Say what you will.
I done made the devil a deal.
He made me pretty, he made me smart,
and I'm gonna break me a million hearts.
I'm hell on heels.
Baby I'm coming for you."
- Hell on Hells, Pistol Annies

The BEST nude shoes I have ever owned.
Wild Pair, $50 on sale

Buying into the chunky heel trend...
 Candie's, $20 on sale
I was immediately drawn to the mixture of texture and pattern... and the price. Thanks to these, I now require a pair of high waisted flairs and an Orange Crush T-shirt `a la Jackie from That 70's Show.
 Charlotte Russe, $7 on clearance
I love how this pair borrows elements from a traditional men's shoe and turn it into something sexy and tough. I feel like a secretly sexy librarian would wear these hidden beneath long pants.
 Charlotte Russe, $5 test pair
This is just a fraction of my heels. But looking at this collection I'm noticing that I lean toward neutral tones, gentle, clean lines and styles popularized in the 60s and 70s.

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  1. I love all of these heels, but especially the last pair! You have great taste. I'm following your blog now and can't wait to see more posts.