22 September 2012


Look of the moment: Wine-colored leather
A friend of mine, the super-talented photographer and graphic designer Angie Hayden, took the above pictures at a decorative train by her family home in rural Missouri. I really liked the maroon leather tones I was seeing in all the stores and magazines, so I took a risk and bought some faux leather pants ($36 at H&M). I paired them with ankle boots a style that is everywhere right now and a sheer, button-down tank for a balanced, cool weather look. The last picture features a ridiculous white fuzzy jacket I wore to a homecoming in high school. I love the juxtaposition of texture and volume it adds to the ensemble. 
Here are some of my favorite trends for leather bottoms:
From: surfaddictfashionista.com

A Grecian blogger with an LA look. I love her heavy boots with a fuzzy vest and streamlined leather pants. I'm hoping to find a neutral-toned fur vest to wear over long sleeves this fall.

Ok, so the leather may not be red, but I love how this Parisian blogger paired sleek pants with cozy knits. And a huge scarf is always in style. 

I absolutely love the way this German blogger makes red-hot leather look classy with cutesy polka dots. Reminds me to start playing with patterns more.

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