07 September 2012


Since my last post, I've gotten a new job!

 ...well, kinda. I am now a news intern at a radio station in St. Louis. So far it's been mostly desk work, but I hope to eventually be out and reporting on my own. Of course, I used this opportunity to beef up my "professional" wardrobe. There is no strict dress code, so I aimed for pieces that would be appropriate for a teacher while making sure to mix in fun patterns and accessories. I spent under $100 on three skirts, two pairs of slacks and two pairs of shoes to mix in with the rest of my wardrobe.

Grey scoop-neck tee: Charlotte Russe
Patterned skirt: Express
Grey, chunky heels: Candie's from Khol's 
Silver bracelets: Charlotte Russe

White button down: New York & Co.
Leather and cloth vest: Wilson's Leather
Green skirt: Forever 21
Black, suede boots: generic brand bought resale

Blue blazer: Forever 21
White, v-neck tee: Charlotte Russe
Ankle-length khakis: H&M
Leopard flats: Target
Brown necklace: yardsale

White peasant shirt: American Eagle
Snap-down pencil skirt with tan pinstripes: generic brand bought resale
Suede, brown slingbacks: Charlotte Russe

Black and white pinstriped slacks: New York & Co.
Black, suede heels: Target
Black belt with gold buckle: Charlotte Russe
"t" watch: Urban Outfitters 

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  1. dude, i love those cheetah flats, awesome deal shopping tho! lol :)