26 January 2012


Well I've been down to Georgia.
I've seen the streets in the west.
I've driven down the 90,
Hell I've seen America's best.
I've been through the Rockies,
I've seen Saskatoon.
I've driven down the highway 1,
Just hopin' that I'd see you soon.

- Comin' Home by City and Colour

It's hard to tell if this song is about love lost or love found. It's amazing how one song can convey enough emotion for both. Listen to it, seriously. Actually, go ahead and listen to every City and Colour album. You won't be disappointed.

On a more fashionable note, here's what I wore to my classes, meetings and interviews today. I wrapped up a busy Wednesday helping Angie construct outfits for an advertising campaign she's designing for a fictitious clothing brand. The theme? Something along the lines of gypsy/vampire/hippie/circus freak - her words. So, I channeled my inner Stevie Nicks and I think we pulled it off. Pictures to come!

Notice the play of light and shadow in the shoot below. LOVE IT!

Get a friend with a good camera and a spotlight. They'll become you're best friend.

Angie's REAL DKNY bag. Jealous? Maybe...

Everyone laughs at my hand-me-down luggage from my parents. Whatever, I love my retro floral three-piece set.

I never do anything with my hair but wear it down and natural, a.k.a. a crazy mess. Decided to actually style it today by straightening it and using a chunk of hair to hide my hair tie. A few bobbie pins and hairspray held it in place all day. Only took about 10 minutes and it looks way more pulled together than usual.

Did my nails myself! Pain in the ass to tell the truth.

Black winter coat: I've had this since middle school. It's probably from some mall store.
Black faux leather jacket: Love Culture
Striped olive/cream shirt: Wet Seal
Olive tank top: Forever 21
Black Kitson leggings: Charlotte Russe
Black boots: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: found
Shades: Charlotte Russe
Necklaces: recycled chains and old crosses from my grandmother
Purse: Angie's DKNY
Suitcase: Mom and Pop

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