21 October 2012


I'm so happy that leather can be casual now.
I bought into the wine trend this fall as well as indulged my leather obsession with this faux pair from H&M. I then stared at them for a few months trying to figure out where the hell I was going to wear them. After Googling "how to wear leather pants" about 40 times, it dawned on me that they can be dressed down for an every-day look. I also realized that you can never wear too much leather - as long as you switch up the colors. Here I stayed in a neutral, earthy color family. My cream sweater is of the "high-low" style, or, in more eloquent terms, a "mullet sweater." I like the cut with higher waisted pants because it doesn't poof over my pants and give me a cute lumpy midsection.

wine pants: H&M
cream sweater: Old Navy
tan leather jacket: Love Culture
brown boots: Target a few seasons ago
scarf: Burberry.   ....or Target.
The "mullet" trend summed up in one image...
Thank you, San Diego Songbird.

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