05 October 2012



It can be quite a controversial material. In terms of fashion, the word “leather” conjures up images of tight black pants and chains, a la Rihanna. However, it is really quite a versatile skin. Over the past year I’ve seen it work its way into mainstream fashion. Now there’s leather for every season and occasion – shorts, pants, pencil skirts, jackets and in panels on nearly every item you can imagine. I myself own a few “leather” (as in, not real animal leather) items. As trends have become more eclectic and personalized I’ve felt freer to mix leather pieces into everyday outfits. Here’s what I wore out to lunch with my parents for my mom’s birthday in late September.

Jacket: reallyyyy old Wet Seal military-inspired jacket
Shorts: Lauren Conrad, on sale. Duh. 
Infinity scarf (also a big trend): Charlotte Russe

 Purse: I honestly can't remember where I got this, but I'm sure it was somewhere affordable. Think Kmart or Forever 21.

 Boots: I'm loving booties this fall. They're casual enough for jeans and have enough heel to wear to work. I've got these in brown and black. The brand is Jeffrey Tyler and I got both pairs for just under $40 at Off Broadway Shoes.
And, how AWESOME is St. Louis?!
 Food trucks. Delish.

The fabulous Fox Theater.
These ladies know how to rock leather shorts (and a skirt):
It's like leather on leather on leather... on leather. Very bold. Love it.

 from: halliedaily.com

This LA blogger calls this "summer leather."

from: nanastars.blogspot.com

Well, I officially need a new leather article of clothing - this skirt.

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